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Hydra Flow West Inc. has a full inventory of equipment for distributors to help mineral or ore producers get the best, long-lasting equipment. We work with only the best trusted brandslike Manchester Tank & Equipment ASME pressure vessels, a Great Lakes Air’s Nitrogen Generator, or a Great Lakes Air’s Regenerative Air Dryer. We want to provide the best tools for your customers and will connect you with the right people who know the mining industry and its processes. 

Our mining distributors work with some of the best companies in the industry. We help serve companies such as Asarco Mines, Rio Tinto’s USA branch, US Borax, and many more. With Hydra Flow West, you get more than a huge line of products to choose from, we have a great team of in-house experts  to advise honestly on the exact generator or pressure vessel your customers will need for refining minerals to the best of their abilities. 

With our own engineers and the ones at the manufacturers we represent, we can guarantee the healthiest relationship between distributor and equipment suppliers. Give us a call today for a consultation! We proudly offer service to any mining companies in California, Oregon, Utah, and more.